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It was my own healing journey that inspired me to become a counselor. Many years ago I experienced a very dark time in my life. I was addicted to multiple substances, I suffered from depression and anxiety and felt angry all the time - basically, I had lost hope for myself and my life. I was fortunate and blessed to work with a gifted and compassionate counselor who helped me find meaning in my life so that I was able to make changes that included sobriety from my addictions and a new found belief in myself. Our work together became a gentle, healing balm on my troubled spirit, and from that work, a beautiful and tranformed life has bloomed. Since then, I have been dedicated to share all that I have learned, personally and professionally, with others. Helping you find your joy, happiness and self-love is my passion. I believe each person deserves to live a life that is empowered and free! 


I specialize in the issues of trauma, abuse and addiction. I also offer the modalities of EMDR, inner child work, creative therapy and spirituality. 

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