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Remember to be kind and gentle with yourself. You are doing the very best that you can!

One way to start practicing self kindness is to remove the word "should" from your inner conversations. Things like "I should do....", "I should have done....", "I shouldn't feel..." If you think about it, "should" is a shaming word. It judges you and suggests that you are have not measured up. It's a word that beats you up and it never stops. Once you start the "shoulds", there is no end to its merciless accusations.

The first step to end the "shoulds" is to replace the word should with could. I could do...I could feel...I could choose to... In this way you are empowering yourself with options and choices, versus shaming yourself for not being perfect.

Instead, know that you are enough. Know that you matter. Know that you are important and wonderfully unique and special just as you are!

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